stay home and have fun
!teaching English to Chinese kids

stay home and have fun
!teaching English to Chinese kids

Experienced or not, join us today
!and we help you become one of a kind

!If you are passionate for teaching English to kids, Congratulations! You are in

Growth Journey

Support, Consult, and Mentoring

Multicultural and International



Passionate about knowing other cultures of the world?

We too!

Our teachers have the opportunity to work with students from different backgrounds and cultures, which can help them gain valuable experience and broaden their horizons. This experience can also be a great addition to their CVs, as it demonstrates their ability to work in diverse settings and adapt to different cultures. Additionally, our teachers have the chance to learn about Chinese culture and traditions, which can be an enriching experience.

We believe that this multicultural environment is one of the many reasons why our teachers enjoy working with us.

,We gaurantee long-term students
!you just garb a coffee and make your day with teaching

At our Online English teaching platform, Family kid specializes in providing quality education to children. One of the key advantages of working with us as a teacher is that we guarantee long-term students. This means that when you join us, you can be confident that your students will register for at least 10 sessions, and many will continue for 30 sessions or more. This ensures that you have a stable student base and can build strong relationships with your learners. Our commitment to long-term students allows you to focus on what you do best: teaching!

Join us today and experience the joy of helping young minds grow and learn

!Application Process

!We have your back on this journey

Expert supervisors and consultants fluent in Persian, English and Chinese
.are always with you and help you progress quickly

;You definitely care about you professional improvement
!We do even more

We have developed a comprehensive framework
and plan to help our teachers improve their skills
and grow professionally. Through this program
teachers can progress steps by step, gaining
valuable experience and knowledge along the way.
As teachers advance in their journey, their payment
also increases, rewarding their dedication and
commitment to their professional development.
we believe that this growth journey is an essential
part of our commitment to supporting our teachers
.and ensuring their long-term success.

:About Family Kid

Family Kid Academy is an international English language institute with Iranian teachers
and Chinese language learners. Our mission is to show the world that Iran has the best
English teachers in the world. Our teachers easily hold classes online from home and
participate in specialized training sessions that help them improve. Currently, 40 full-time
people are with us in Family Kid, who are working in these 6 departments: Education
, Exam, QC, Consult, Human Resource, and Marketing

.Iran's head office is in Azadi Innovation Factory

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